Friday, June 10, 2011

Frozen Chicken Ready In 8 Minutes

orka - silicone steam cooker

Being married to a resident sometimes means eating dinner alone several nights in a month.  It's not as fun to cook just for yourself, and difficult to cook for 1.  So, I found this steam cooker that Justin's grandmother had given him before we got married.  I was skeptical when I read the directions that said a frozen chicken breast would be cooked in 8 minutes, but decided to give it a try.

I rubbed pesto all over the chicken and poured some alfredo sauce over it.  Then I put it in the microwave.

Here's how it looked when it finished cooking:

It smelled way better than it looks.  It was completely done too.  I was impressed.  Here's how it looked on my plate:

Spinach with Feta is a perfect side dish.

What quick meals do you make just for you?

E:  10
A:  8  I used leftover pesto, but that's not something I normally keep around.
T:  10

HH:  0 - He didn't get to eat it!

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