Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baked Chicken Macaroni & Cheese

This was the first meal I cooked since moving to Australia. And it has a funny story...

First, we shop at a grocery store called Cole's Supermarket. When I say "shop", let me explain because I don't jump in my car and run to Kroger like I used to. First, I grab my handy rolling cart and walk to the supermarket. I get the groceries we need and walk back home. I've learned to buy what I need and we're adjusting to the idea of buying for a couple of days worth and instead of a week. In the past, we would fill up my trunk with groceries for several days with the intention of making one trip.

The Baked Chicken Macaroni & Cheese Attempt 1 started on a Monday night. Eliott had off work for the Queen's Birthday, so we were enjoying a night in the kitchen together. Eliott did the breadcrumbs featured to the left.

We prepared all the veggies (parsley, mushrooms, red pepper) and the chicken. We kept reading the recipe, looked at each other, and started laughing. It never dawned on us that we didn't have any cookware. We had purchased Pyrex pans and mixing bowls over the weekend, but a delivery for more kitchen appliances and our washer was to be delivered the next day. Certainly something funny has happened to you, right? Gone to the grocery store for a crucial ingredient and forgotten it? Attempt 2 continued the next afternoon...

Here's the recipe:

E: 8
A: 1 - only because we moved to Australia and had to restock our cabinet and refrigerator
T: 7
HH: 9 - he loves any kind of casserole

Overall, I'll be making this casserole again. I decided to freeze half of it because it made so much. Go ahead and share your funny kitchen stories!

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  1. Well, one time in high school I was making chicken spaghetti for a friend who had been in the hospital. I put the dry spaghetti in the COLD water. That does NOT work well... I ended up with a clump of spaghetti, cooked on the outside and raw as anything on the inside!


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