About Us

How we got the name Freddie:
When getting ready to leave the dorm in college all the girls on our hall would ask, "Are you ready, Freddie?"  ...and it just stuck... I'm not sure why, but since our junior year of college we've both been Freddie.  I know, it's kinda a boring story, but it's really fun to yell "FREDDIE!" when we see each other and see other people's funny looks.

Why We Started Foodie Freddies Blog:
We are always talking about what we're fixing for dinner and decided we needed a place to share recipes and experiences cooking.  We think this will be a great resource for us and a lot of fun!

About EMILY/Freddie:
I married the Justin Qualls on 1.1.11 and I'm still in disbelief that I get to be his wife.  Being married is very fun!  I love all things artsy and cooking is an extension of that for me.  I like to create meals and experiment with changing different items in recipes... sometimes this turns out better than others, but I love learning through the process.  A few random facts:
  • I am learning to sew, and it's fun and relaxing to me.  
  • I like to paint although I don't do it very often.  
  • I have the cutest dog you will ever meet.  Her name is AnnaBelle, and she's a princess - just ask her, she'll tell you.   
I told you she's a princess.

    We like to laugh.

    About HEATHER/Freddie:
    I married my best friend, Eliott Vines, on 08-08-09, went to London on our honeymoon, and had to learn how to cook quickly after. He says everything I cook is wonderful. I love him. Here are a few of my favorite things:

    • I love going to Texas to visit family and eat authentic Mexican food. Sorry, Mississippi, but the Mexican restaurants around here are lame.
    • Older adults have my heart. Talking about war and wrinkles is normal to me.
    • We moved to Sydney, Australia! Come visit us and have your picture taken with a kangaroo.

    The name Freddie means a lot. One of my grandfathers, Freddie Harkins, died while I was at Mississippi College. My Freddie friends at MC offered encouragement during this time of grief and showed me the true meaning of friendship. Using the name Freddie for one another is an honor and brings much joy!
    He makes me happy.