Monday, April 4, 2011

Twice Cooked Turkey Meatloaf

Eliott and I went to Texas to visit the folks and fill up on home-cookin'. My Dad made a meatloaf and it reminded me of my childhood when I would smother the loaf of meat with ketchup. Not much has changed.

Let me tell you about my Dad. He's the best. His new hobby is smoking (the cooking technique) any kind of meat you can find. Chicken, pork, steak, you name it, he'll put it in the smoker. I think the smoker is the male version of a Crock-Pot. It's definitely more masculine to hang out around the smoker, play with the dogs, cut the grass, wash the car, open the door to the smoker, and produce dinner.

My Dad's meatloaf was the inspiration for today's menu. We have never cooked meatloaf since we got married. Eliott found a recipe when watching 5 Ingredient Fix on The Food Network for Twice Cooked Turkey Meatloaf. Both of us are huge fans of sun-dried tomatoes, so this recipe sounded delicious.

Here's the recipe: Twice Cooked Turkey Meatloaf

E: 8

A: 7- who has fresh sage in their kitchen?

T: 5- baking anything for longer than 30 minutes when you're hungry is torture

HH: 8- he volunteered to eat it for leftovers, enough said

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  1. My mom's meatloaf is very similar to this...well, in the fact that it's "twice cooked!" Other than that it's completely different. :-) But, I can say that the cooking of it is good.


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