Friday, April 29, 2011

Recipe Hide & Seek

I can tell I've grown up a little bit. Just a little. In college, I would spend my spare time on Facebook. Now, I spend time on food websites searching for a great recipe. Just like Facebook, I'll get lost looking for a recipe and realize I've been clicking for 30 minutes. My mind thinks it's a game of hide & seek and I have to find the perfect recipe. I did stumble upon this recipe for Baked Penne with Spinach and made it recently. We loved it! I love when leftovers taste better than the first night you made the dish.

E: 8
A: 7 (Kroger trip for sun-dried tomatoes and the whole tomatoes)
T: 7 (making it and then baking it is time-consuming, yet worth it)
HH: 9

What are some good food websites or blogs you find inspiration from? Which seem really hard to navigate?

Here's some of my favorites:
Betty Crocker (the iPhone app is handy when searching for a recipe with 1 particular ingredient)
Homesick Texan (I can totally identify)
For The Love of Cooking (love the simplicity)

This image has nothing to do with pasta or food blogs, but I thought it was too darn cute to not post. Feel free to share your own favorites or frustrations related to food blogs. We'd love to hear from you!

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