Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chicken Enchiladas

My Mom makes these enchiladas, so I was sure to get the recipe when I started cooking. I usually double the recipe, invite some friends over, and enjoy a good Mexican meal. I know I keep talking about Mexican food, but I'm pretty passionate about it. Living in Mississippi meant I've made fun of the Mexican food we ate in Clinton and/or the Jackson area with friends. Eliott is funny when it comes to looking at the menus in Mexican restaurants, "Isn't this all the same... enchilada, burrito, taco?" All I know is, he loves my Mom's chicken enchiladas. Here it is:
1 large sour cream
1 lb. chicken (2-3 chicken breasts)
2 cans cream of chicken
3/4 cup chicken broth
1 small can green chilis
1 dozen flour tortillas
1 lb. grated cheese
fajita seasoning for chicken
fresh cilantro
Boil chicken or cook with fajita seasoning depending upon what's in your spice cabinet. After it's cooled, cut up into bite size pieces or shred; either works. Combine everything but tortillas and cilantro and stir in a large bowl. Line 9x13 pan with the mixture. Spoon the mixture into the flour tortillas. Roll the tortilla up and place in the 9x13 pan. Place remaining mixture on top. Sometimes I can do another 8x8 pan of enchiladas depending on how much mixture I use for the 9x13 pan. Cook for 20 minutes or until it bubbles at 350. Throw some cilantro on top for extra flavor. Serve this with some guacamole and/or salsa and chips. Enjoy amigos!
Jordan & Jessica Wood's Guacamole Recipe:
2 avocados
1/4 cup minced red onion
1/2 of a small jalapeno, minced
2 tbsp lime juice
fresh cilantro
Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix all these ingredients and try not to eat the guacamole before the meal!
E: 9
A: 8 - I had to do some research on coriander and cilantro
T: 8 - this is not a 30 minute meal unless you cook the chicken beforehand
HH: 10 - extremely happy

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