Tuesday, March 29, 2011


What are you cooking for dinner?  That's the question the Freddies ask each other everyday.  We love to talk about awesome recipes we've found and what we did to make them more awesome.  So, we're starting this blog to document our dinner disasters and delights.  We want to share what makes our husbands happy (in the KITCHEN... for you dirty minded folk) and what makes us go to Newks.   Hopefully this will become a go to place for recipe swapping, sharing funny cooking stories, and learning something along the way.  So, you better feel free to comment and contribute your words of wisdom.  We want to learn from your successes and failures too, so please share.

Disclaimer:  Neither one of us is an expert.  We've never been (nor will we ever go) to culinary school.  Read and reproduce these recipes at your own risk.

What are you cooking for dinner?


  1. Normally I wouldn't be able to comment, but I actually cooked tonight! No recipe, just some veggies (red and green pepper and a purple onion), and chicken with a side of baby lima beans (because I love them). I just cooked the chicken on the stove and sauteed the peppers and onions. The lima beans didn't require much attention. Just add water and cook for 25 min. Season with season all salt and pepper. It was delicious! Nothing to it and healthy too! We are starting the 17 day diet, so more recipes to come!

    Love you!

  2. I am so excited about this for two reasons. 1. y'all will be planning my meals from now on and 2. both of your are blogging now!!
    Bring on the recipes!!!!


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